How IDGL Grades Diamond?

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How IDGL Grades Diamond?

Objectivity and Independence

Anonymity guarantees objectivity and independence – the hallmarks of IDGL reports and services.

  • Every diamond is placed in atransparent storage case, and all owner
    references concealed
  • Each stone is assigned a bar-coded label used to track it throughout the process
  • Client information is masked within GIA software usedby graders


Regardless of size, origin or ownership, each stone undergoes the same rigorous testing and grading procedures.

Accuracy & Consistency
  • IDGL is a leader in gemmological research and detecting the latest diamond and gemstone treatments and synthetics.
  • IDGL laboratories maintain rigorous calibration standards for all lab instruments.
  • Every gemstone submitted is tested and screened at multiple steps during the grading process. If a determination is inconclusive at one lab location, the gemstone will be routed to another for further testing.
  • A global database captures hundreds of data points for every diamond during the grading process and is used by IDGL researchers to detect emerging trends in treatments.
  • Control stones for diamond grading standards also move anonymously through IDGL’s worldwide system to ensure uniformity of grading practices.
  • Teams of highly experienced quality controllers rotate through IDGL worldwide laboratories training staff and to ensure adherence to consistent practices.
Integrity & Security
  • An independent, third-party firm issues Global Compliance Reports to cover grader-to-client frequency and client servicing time, allowing IDGL laboratories to spot potential breaches in conduct or security.
  • The database is a permanent repository of information on every diamond graded by IDGL and a resource to track a lost or stolen diamonds.
  • All IDGL employeesare required to abide by a Code of Conduct to protect against conflicts of interest
  • IDGL’s Ethics Policy and Code of Conduct are published on the Institute’s website. Any actual or suspected instance of potential misconduct can be reported anonymously from this link. All complaints are rigorously investigated.
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